ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company- is a queer positive multiracial dance company. Since our inception in 2007, ILL NANA/DCDC has worked collaboratively with culturally diverse communities, youth and various community groups in order to increase equitable access to dance, movement and performance spaces in the city of Toronto. The company was formed as a result of the founding member’s personal experiences with professional and mainstream dance settings and the realization that most of these spaces were incredibly challenging for many people: queer and trans people, people of colour as well as  people of varying body types, class backgrounds and abilities. ILL NANA/DCDC was created as a way to challenge the popular conception of dance as an exclusive, inaccessible “high art” form, to affirm the identities, experiences and histories of movement of communities not traditionally represented in mainstream dance and to provide these communities with access to professional dance training, mentorship and performance skills.  Utilizing both classical dance techniques and urban dance forms of Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, House, Vogue, Step, Latin, Contemporary, Modern, Wushu Kung Fu, and Dancing in Heels,  ILL NANA/DCDC facilitates workshops and creates dance works with a style all their own. We are fearlessly out and proud, sexy, masculine, feminine, and all that is in between, representing the super queeroe’s and real humans in all of us.

What We Offer:
1. Performance
2. Dance Education
3. Panels (NEW!)
4. Choreography/Mentorship

Please check out each section for more information and our book us page if you’d like to bring us to your organization, school, community group, or party.

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