it’s december – dance with us!

As the days grow shorter and colder, we hope that you’re keeping warm and spending lots of time with friends and family.

THIS MONTH- check out the Right To Dance: 2 Month Intensive application. The program is open to all LGBTTIQQ2S people who are interested in dance and movement. We take up to 10 people each year based on need for affirming dance education and commitment. We are still looking for financial supporters of this program*. If you have any questions about the applications or programs at large please contact kumari at

Apply Today– deadline is Dec 21st!

The highlight of our November was our keynote at the ENVISION conference!! For the first time ever we shared our dance and ILL NANA/DCDC story in a presentation (no dancing!). We met so many great people, students and teachers. It was inspiring, energizing and we hope to see many of you again.

We’ve been busy planning for the new year, when we’ll have more exciting programming announcements. Until then, we look forward to reading everyone’s applications.

much love,
Sze-Yang, Jelani and kumari


ILL NANA/DCDC is proud to announce that RTD has now opened its doors to LGBTQ affirming teachers/facilitators to teach classes and workshops in dance/movement arts.   

Right To Dance Drop-in Classes: are dance  or movement classes/workshops are taught by caring and compassionate facilitators in order to create more affirming spaces for LGBTTIQQ2S*people, people of colour, people with varying body types, class backgrounds, and abilities.

Whats Different and New?
The schedule is no longer fixed, every week can have different classes, workshops, and facilitators.  Please check out the FB group: Right to Dance Free Affirming Dance Classes  or  for specific details for each workshop,  some workshops prioritize or are closed spaces for specific communities to gather.

What remains the same?
Every Sat at the 519 Church Street Community Centre Room 301, there will be LGBTQ affirming dance/movement workshops running in between 1-5pm.

Classes are Sliding Scale PWYC No One Turned Away from Lack of Funds. We’re starting a skill/item exchange as a way to pay for classes this year. We are looking for folks with diverse skill sets in graphic design, admin, finance and beyond. get in touch with us at and we’ll go from there.

*wear whatever makes you feel good, as long as you can move in it.
*you may wanna bring: water, snacks, towel, and additional clothes you may get sweaty!!!

These classes are currently not funded and are run by donation.  Donate today and help spread the word to keep these classes Free-PWYC!

Whats Happening This Oct?
This Oct brings classes and workshops from the amazing talents of Jelani, Shaunga Tagore, nisha ahuja, & T Moravi. Class titles link to facebook events- you can also click here for workshop descriptions  available on this site.

Sat Oct 3
1-3pm Tipping (Heels Class) with Jelani
3-5pm Body of Seed: Contemp Movement with T Moravi

Sat Oct 10
1-3pm Tipping (Heels Class) with Jelani
3-5pm Dance All Ur Dances: Contemp Choreo with Shaunga Tagore

Sat Oct 17
1-3pm Tipping (Heels Class) with Jelani
3-5pm Dance All Ur Dances: Contemp Choreo with  Shaunga Tagore

Sat Oct 24

Sat Oct 31
1-3pm Tipping (Heels Class) with Jelani
3-5pm Healing Ancestral Lines: Meditatative Movements (BIPOC only*) with nisha ahuja

join us at Pride!

Shadrack Jackman
Saturday June 27
3:15 – 4:00pm
TD Village Stage (Church and Wellesley)

Shi Wisdom and
Shadrack Jackman
Sunday June 28
6:00 – 7:00pm
North Stage (Church and Isabella)

Also Coming Up!
June 18 – 21: Allied Media Conference
Travelling to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference? Check out our workshop in the Creative Coping and Grieving Strategies Track!

June 19: Diverse Residents, One Community Celebration
5 – 10pm at Artscape Wynchwood Barns
Ravyn and Shadrack Jackman will be on at 6:45!

June 28: Pride Parade
2 – 5pm  on Yonge Street
Catch us on the Google Float! We will be performing 3 short sets. They have been really great about supporting local artists and invested in our autonomous self representation! yay!

End of Year Updates – RTD:2MI Fundraiser + Drop-in Classes break on Dec 20th!

We are happy to announce the start of our e-newsletters to keep you up to date on ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company’s latest programs, projects, and performances.
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This December we have 2 very exciting projects on the go. We have started a fundraising campaign for our annual RTD:2 Month Intensive and we are continuing to offer our weekly drop in classes.

This Holiday Give the Gift of Dance to 10 LGBTTIQQ2S people and Inspire Communities!
Right To Dance: 2 Month Intensive, a revolutionary movement program that facilitates technique sharing and choreographic mentorship. Each year 10 participants go through the program and create their own solo performance piece performed at a local theatre.

We’ve done 3 cycles of the program thus far and to make the fourth cycle happen we’ll need $12,000. To do this we’re fundraising through an Indiegogo Campaign with awesome perks including handdrawn prints, choreography and in house or in studio sessions with ILL NANA/DCDC and past participants. We encourage you to check out the campaign at this link. Give, share and support generously!

Right to Dance: Free/PWYC Affirming Dance Drop-ins
Every Tuesday and Saturday you are welcome to join us at the 519 Church Street Community Centre for affirming dance classes for LGBTTIQQ2S people, people of colour, people with varying body types, class backgrounds, and abilities. Classes are running now until Dec 20, and start back again on Jan 10.

We believe dance is knowledge and it is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all. Everyone has the Right To Dance!☺♥☺♥
For more info check out our education section!