Join us for the First Annual LGBTTIQQ2S Spectrum Dance Conference

Conference and Two- Night Showcase

a FREE three day dance and movement conference that seeks to affirm and celebrate LGBTTIQQ2S experiences in dance and movement.  By exploring and developing skills through a series of classes, workshops, panels and networking opportunities.

CONFERENCE | JUNE 9 – 12 | 519 Community Center
Dance classes and Workshops 6-8pm and 8-10pm every night
** featuring dance facilitators/artist from different dance genres
** no experience required to attend

SHOWCASE | JUNE 13 + 14 | Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
2-night showcase for LGBTTIQQ2S performers in dance and movement based performance. The showcase features work that shares our stories as members of one or multiple spectrum communities, centralizing around intersecting themes of self identity, gender, sexuality, empowerment, and resilience.

For more info on: registration and applications to facilitate and/or perform!!

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