it’s december – dance with us!

As the days grow shorter and colder, we hope that you’re keeping warm and spending lots of time with friends and family.

THIS MONTH- check out the Right To Dance: 2 Month Intensive application. The program is open to all LGBTTIQQ2S people who are interested in dance and movement. We take up to 10 people each year based on need for affirming dance education and commitment. We are still looking for financial supporters of this program*. If you have any questions about the applications or programs at large please contact kumari at

Apply Today– deadline is Dec 21st!

The highlight of our November was our keynote at the ENVISION conference!! For the first time ever we shared our dance and ILL NANA/DCDC story in a presentation (no dancing!). We met so many great people, students and teachers. It was inspiring, energizing and we hope to see many of you again.

We’ve been busy planning for the new year, when we’ll have more exciting programming announcements. Until then, we look forward to reading everyone’s applications.

much love,
Sze-Yang, Jelani and kumari

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